Work your whole body with this three-move, home workout
Post at 12:41 - 24/06/2018

For this workout, all you need is your own bodyweight, so it can be done anywhere: at home, in the office or in the park. In fact, the man we sourced this workout from, PT Andrew Tracey, says you can do this workout anywhere. Even the car park of your gym – if that's your thing. It's certainly Tracey's. 

Before you begin though there are a few bits of preparation we need you to do.



The two moves you’ll be doing in the first part of the workout are push-ups and squat jumps. To work out how many reps of each to do in your EMOM (every minute on the minute) workout, perform each of the exercises to absolute failure two or three times. Make a note of the maximum unbroken set you’re capable of, and during the workout aim to perform 25 per cent of your total reps achieved, so if you managed 60 reps as your maximum, you’ll need to perform 15 reps every minute during the workout.

Yes, this a EMOM workout. You have one minute to complete all your reps and any time left over within that minute is yours to rest. Alternate the first two exercises – press-ups and squat jumps – every minute for 30 minutes. Then finally move onto doing 100 reverse crunches as fast as you can.

Best of luck, gents. Best of luck. 

First you need to work out your maximum unbroken set of press-ups and squat jumps. Give yourself two or three attempts at each exercise, and make a note of the maximum unbroken set you're capable of. Once that's done, alternate between the next two movements every minute. 




Set up with your weight supported on your toes and hands beneath your shoulders, body straight. Take care to keep your core locked so a straight line forms between your head, glutes and heels. Lower your body until your chest is an inch from the ground then explosively drive up by fully extending your arms.




Squat jump

Squat down, keeping your back straight, until your thighs are parallel with the floor and your bum is about level with your knees. Explode upwards into a jump, and go straight into the next squat.




Reverse crunch

Lie on your back with your arms on the floor at your sides, palms facing down. Bend your knees and bring them towards your chest by contracting your abs. As they rise, roll your pelvis to lift your hips off the floor. Squeeze at the top then slowly lower until your thighs are perpendicular to the floor.

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