The Workout Almost No-One Can Finish
Post at 15:58 - 10/04/2018

If you can complete this CrossFit session you're stronger than 99.9% of the world


For those who haven’t tasted the kool-aid yet (and you really should, it’s very addictive), CrossFit is the self described sport of fitness. It's the high-intensity fitness programme of constantly varied functional movements from several sports and forms of exercise that can benefit a wide range of goals. CrossFit athletes can’t find comfort in only being able to lift heavy, or solely being able to run fast, they must be good across the board.

The sport is now in the third week of its annual CrossFit Open, a five week, world-wide competition open to athletes of all abilities. Athletes compete at their local gym and enter their scores online to determine their worldwide ranking each week, and to say that the workouts have been tough so far would be an understatement.

However, they were nothing compared to this week's torture-fest. The workout released this week was so brutal, the majority of competitors haven't even been able to complete one round.

With that in mind, we've delivered both the full and scaled back version (which is still brutal in its own right). Give this 14 minute scorcher a go, then rest up for a potentially worse smashing next week.


CrossFit Open Workout 18.3

You have 14 minutes to complete:

100 x double-unders
20 x overhead squats at 52kg
100 x double-unders
12 x ring muscle-ups
100 x double-unders
20 x dumbbell snatches 22.5kg
100 x double-unders
12 x bar muscle-ups

We hear you. That workout is INSANE, which is why this week, we've included the scaled version for normal athletes looking for a great workout:

You have 14 minutes to complete:

100 x single-under skips
20 x overhead squats at 20kg
100 x single-under skips
12 x chin-over-bar pull-ups
100 x single-under skips
20 x dumbbell snatches at 16kg
100 x single-under skps
12 x chin-over-bar pull-ups

Now go get some.

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