6 Tips To Build A Bigger Chest
Post at 14:07 - 10/04/2018

You may be failing to see results that'll get you noticed and, crucically, that get you shoulders to taper into a narrower waist and that coveted V-shape

So while you're striving away and putting the hours in the gym, you may be failing to see results that'll get you noticed and, crucially, that get you shoulders to taper into a narrower waist and that coveted V-shape. 

Fret not, Men's Health is here to help with an easy, step-by-step guide to boosting your chest score. 



1. Pecs appeal

Of course, there are other, less base reasons to focus on pumping up your pecs. Sculpting your upper-body will make your stronger and have you breaking tackles, sprinting faster and lifting harder, as well as building a stronger and safer body in the gym. And even if these are your only reasons to hit the bench press, we’re sure the t-shirt filling effects will be appreciated nonetheless. If not by you, then certainly by your girlfriend. 



2. Switch up your mindset

Think a ripped chest is the preserve of professional bodybuilders and fitness models who live in the gym? Well, think again. Just ask MH Cover Model Competition finalist Redman Neale, who carved out his dustbin-lid sized pecs around his busy job as an insurance broker with this combination of dumbbell, machine and bodyweight exercises



3. Food for thought 

A rock-solid chest isn’t just built in the gym. Combine a couple of rigorous workouts with a balanced diet and regular cardio, you’ll begin to watch your moobs melt and reveal the kind of mighty pecs that fill a t-shirt.

4. You may not even need weights 

We’re realists. We know that not everyone can get to the gym every day. So whether you’re stuck in hotels on work trips, too strapped to fork out on a gym membership or even just don’t fancy the idea of leaving the house in the rain, this weight-free bodyweight workout will craft a gladiator’s chest from the comfort of your front room. Although once you see the change, we’re sure you’ll want to spend as much time outside as possible – preferably on the beach.



5. Time-sensitive matter

Whether it’s looming deadlines in the office or nagging from the other half, sometimes your visits to the gym need to be short and sweet. Keep the boss, the girlfriend and your pecs happy with this intensely focused workout that will hit your upper-body from every angle, strengthening your chest in less time than it would take Houdini to get out of one.



6. Show and tell 

Now that your chest is worthy of attention you’re going to want to show it off. And there’s no better place to do that than on the altar of gym bragging rights – the bench press. Whether you lift like Atlas himself and want to squeeze out that little bit more, or you’re just looking to get off your latest plateau, what you do with the envious looks from everyone else in the gym is up to you.

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