5 Surprising Sources Of Protein
Post at 17:19 - 11/04/2018

Plus, five other protein sources to feed muscles and fuel training. Hop to it


Chances are that you're aware of the standard muscle-building meats. Steak? Check. Chicken? Check. Salmon? Check, check, check. Each is perfect for packing in protein to your meals and feeding your muscles after your training. 

But, what you may not know is that there are even more lean meats out there that can fuel your day. One of which is Kangaroo meat, the latest modish lean meat that people are sizzling away on their barbecues this summer.

While animal rights protestors remain up in arms about the meat's rising popularity, gym bros are quietly celebrating — each steak packs a whopping 22g of protein and has considerably less fat than a beef steak - at around 2%. 

Inevitably, there are far more sources of protein hidden among the supermarket aisles that don't have to travel all the way from down under. Let us take you shopping.

Baked potatoes

It turns out this staple from your days as a lazy bachelor is much more than a cheap and easy hangover lunch. One potato holds around 10% or your RDA of protein – double the amount found in the oft-favoured sweet variety. Top with a tin of tuna for an extra protein punch – just be sparing on the butter.


If your answer to ‘how do you like your eggs in the morning?’ is ‘please, no more eggs’ – oats are excellent alternatives. Besides their well-documented super-carb capabilities, 100g of oats contain 17g of muscle fuel. Boil in milk for the perfect bulking breakfast, or bake up Greg Rutherford’s high-protein oat cookies for a gold standard, guilt-free snack.


Peas are not only cheap and easy to cook, they’re a nutritional powerhouse who deserve higher billing than being slapped mushily beside your cod and chips. One serving contains 8g of protein, as well as bone-strengthening vitamin K and immunity-boosting vitamin C. Enjoy them in this protein-packed paella and build muscles that’ll make the Green Giant envious.



One serving of this South American superfood contains half of your RDA of protein, compared to 12% in a cup of couscous. Don’t be put off by its new-age health food reputation; there are more tastebud-pleasing ways to eat quinoa than with a kale smoothie. These turkey quinoa burritos, for example, which offer a delicious way to eat grains and make gains.


If you’re in the market for a pair of Popeye forearms, there is a lot to be said for spinach’s muscle-building capabilities. Not only does it boast 5g of protein in a single serving, the green stuff is also rich in muscle-fuelling nutrients including lutein and iron. Have a go at these five spinach recipes and you’ll be bursting out of your sleeves in no time.

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